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Organic Krush Lifestyle Eatery
- A Case Study-


Redesigned Logo – Repositioned as Lifestyle Eatery
Brand Promise – Trust The Krush
Brand Proposition – Eat Happy Live Better

The Background
Founded in 2015 by 2 moms passionate about an organic lifestyle with 2 locations on Long Island as of May 2018 when JRM became their Embedded Marketing Department.

The Situation
The owners were looking to grow the business and expand to other locations. However, the current business was flat each month vs the previous year.
The brand name, a uniquely delicious organic menu, and incredibly friendly / warm personalized service were all extraordinary, leading to a very loyal repeat customer base.
However, the BRAND Position, Proposition, core messaging via the Website, Signage and Content on promotional materials and social media with limited additional marketing efforts was not generating any new business.

JRM Crafted Brand Growth
JRM initiated strategic planning including consumer research which led to completely revising all marketing materials to strengthen OK’s position as a unique, healthy and delicious eatery. Starting with the website, in-store signage and menus through creating and executing all awareness and traffic building programs via social media, influencers, email marketing, digital advertising, search marketing and public relations, JRM’s efforts helped drive significant new traffic, a +30% increase in Instagram followers and took sales from flat to multiple double digit monthly sales growth.

Organic Krush has grown from 2 to 5 locations on Long Island and one in Richmond, VA in 2019.
Stay tuned – you’ll be hearing and seeing much more about Organic Krush.


New website featuring their broad, delicious, healthy organic menu with beautiful, appetizing photography


All store marketing & branding materials including external & internal signage, digital screens


Krush Crew uniforms & HR materials


Public Relations-generating articles and huge influencer support


Ongoing social media & events management


360º Integrated Marketing Campaign – Spring Promotion


360º Integrated Marketing Campaign – Back to School Loyalty Program


360º Integrated Marketing Campaign – Holiday Program


Print & Direct Mail Menus

Need Help Crafting Your Brand Growth?

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