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Adesso Solutions
- A Case Study-


Brand Personality – Repositioned to Focus on Solutions
Brand Promise – Trust The Krush
Brand Proposition – Now You Can Relax with Adesso

The Background
Adesso Solutions is a business to business software solutions provider for small and medium (SMB) consumer packaged goods (CPG) and natural specialty organic (NS0) manufacturers looking to maximize their trade promotion effectiveness. The combination of unique systems and services combined with a team of Trade Experts make Adesso a leader in the Trade Promotion Management (TPM) category.

The Situation
Initially, when Jim started with Adesso at MME in 2012, it was hemorrhaging clients and sales were declining year over year. 

JRM Crafted Brand Growth
Working closely with the Adesso team led by a new CEO, Jim led the initial rebranding of Adesso from just another TPM software provider, to one focused on solving the stress of CPG clients by focusing on not just being able to “manage” CPG trade promotion spending, but to maximize their trade promotion effectiveness (TPE). This repositioning helped the Adesso team to allow CPG clients to relax about their trade issues, which stopped client losses, brought in new clients and turned sales around. As time has gone on JRM has helped update the brand messaging to reflect new market opportunities via a new website, marketing materials and content marketing.


New website featuring new key messaging, relaxing imagery and a modern experience.


Redesigned Website To Position Adesso’s Unique Position To Make A Complex, Stressful Business Issue An Appealing Resource To Help CPG Manufacturers Relax Due To Ease Of Use


Company Brochure Summarizes Adesso’s 5 Unique Benefits And The Features That Deliver Them In 2 Simple Pages


Company Systems Brochures


Company Systems Brochures


White Papers - Strategic Development, Content Planning,Writing and Marketing Distribution


White Papers - Strategic Development, Content Planning,Writing and Marketing Distribution

Need Help Crafting Your Brand Growth?

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