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New Hope Long Island
- A Case Study-


Redesigned Logo – Localization
Brand Promise – How We Give You "New Hope
Brand Proposition – We Know You Have Choices

The Background
New Hope Fertility opened a Long Island office right before Covid hit so it was closed till August 2020. The company wanted to have a separate site specifically dedicated to the Long Island market.

The Situation
There is significant competition in the fertility space from both smaller clinics and larger institutions such a NYU Langone Fertility , Northwell Health IVF and Stony Brook Medicine Fertility.

JRM Crafted Brand Growth

JRM’s SWOT  analysis of the competitive marketplace and New Hope Fertility Long  Island / Dr. Zaher Merhi resulted in two findings:

  1. Dr. Merhi had excellent patient testimonials with effusive praise for his approach, compassionate care and importantly success. Significantly more consistent and robust than all the competitors.

  2. Many of Dr. Merhi’s patients came to him as a last resort having failed with other clinics.

Therefore, JRM created the core brand proposition ”When All Else Fails, We Give Long Island New Hope!”

Once the  new website focusing not just on the clinic’s services but also patient  testimonials was launched, JRM executed a digital lead gen campaign via  Facebook, Instagram and Yelp as well as search.  The efficient campaign has immediately generated a 1+ leads / day pace  which is excellent for a CPL of <$100 and an average revenue /  patient range in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.


New website design featuring new brand messaging, user-friendly navigation and an emphasis on the client's key differentiators


Key messaging development highlighting client's expert-level differentiators


Leveraging key testimonials to refortify brand and client trust-worthiness


Leveraging and highlighting the key expert faces behind the brand 


Showcasing key, real testimonials to reinforce brand trust-worthiness


Social media campaign leveraging impressive success rates, client testimonials and brand promise 

Need Help Crafting Your Brand Growth?

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