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"I started off thinking the books were a little childish & simplistic, then I realized how brilliant they were....not typical dry boring biz books...they get right to the heart of messaging in a simple and intelligent manner." Anonymous

"... such a pleasure to read ...informative, compelling, entertaining, and valuable....provides so much more than just teaching the reader how to write,– it teaches them how to think, how to plan, and how to present in business." Tori K

"Best & most important book I’ve read. The structured discipline much more than a communication method, it shapes your thinking. ...creating clarity in the midst of ambiguity." Don Davide

“...helps them use simple critical thinking to identify problems, analyze information to arrive at solutions, and communicate that information across broad levels to achieve effective 28 very easy to digest chapters...super enjoyable." George Kurth

"Extremely useful for business writers and thinkers of all experience levels. ...very relatable story that really does a great job of succinctly getting the message across. ...recommending it to colleagues and friends" Andrew Rollauer

Enchanting fable… communicate more effectively… an instruction manual for recent college grads embarking on a career… 10-step method provides a structured approach to critical thinking for solving a problem … then clearly and succinctly articulating a solution….” Frank Carollo

"Wish I had this when I was younger! For anyone starting their career, ...this is a practical and needed guide to effective writing in the business world." Matt Brancato

"A very good, fun approach to business communication. Easy way to remember... Recommend to all who need to improve their business presentations. Sending this to my college bound granddaughter." Jean Chapman

“Easy to read with a surprise treasure map for improved thinking and presentation of ideas.
... enjoyed pointed distinctions between written plans and group presentations." Dennis Murphy

"...a very informative practical guide for any professional looking to raise their game. A quick enjoyable read. I expect to leverage the 10 step guide with my sales team as well as personally." Byars Cole

The Target Audience
For Educators and Managers To Teach How To Think-Write-Present-Sell
I wrote the first book after noticing recent grads we hired struggled with strategic thinking and communication, especially writing. I was able to train them by using the 10 step structured format of a typical marketing brief which is the foundation for Get Your Ducks In A Rowe. Then I found research supporting the fact that I wasn't alone (see The Problem below). Therefore, my initial target was CEO’s Managers & HR Trainers to train recent grads / executives struggling with writing & presenting; technical fields where 'written/oral communication' is a secondary priority; or if English is a 2nd language.

However, after launching Book-1 and working with The National Writing Project (see below), I have found there is an enormous need in the education world to help teachers teach writing. The responses I have received from educators who have read the book have been extremely gratifying. From a PHD tenured Marketing Professor who suggested I do 'workshops'  for college students, to the Principal of a prestigious junior high / high school (grades 6-12) who is considering making it part of the syllabus, they have all suggested the book approach is a practical learning tool that all students should read. Therefore, see on how to use the book as a pratical training tool to teach students from junior high through college how to think critically and communicate persuasively.

The Problem
Major Skills Set Gap Perception Between Managers and Recent Graduates
Studies over the past 10 years show manager frustrations with recent grads aptitude in 2 key areas – WRITING & CRITICAL THINKING skills. Three different studies (Inside Higher Ed, American Association of Colleges & Universities, and PayScale) all showed similar results; 45 - 74% of managers indicated recent grads lacked these 2 most important skills vs 66% - 80% of recent grads perceive they are proficient in both areas. It's called 'The Skills Gap' and it's a growing problem. Taking the issue a setp further, while these are cited as 'Work Skills', thinking and communication are critically important 'Life Skills' that everyone should have.

The Solution
A Non-Business Book Approach
Get Your Ducks In A Rowe, Business Writing and Communication is a Short Story with Big Impact that provides a proven process for students, recent grads and all execs to Think – Write – Present – Sell. Inspired by the FABLE approach from the hugely successful 'Who Moved My Cheese', Get Your Ducks In A Rowe is a quick, simple story based upon a proven 10-step structured format to better business communication. It helps structure a written document or presentation to the relevant target audience via strategic thinking, writing & presenting that works. The format provides a foundation for how to think about almost every type of business communication and helps avoid the initial fear of “where do I begin?”

Book-2 Learn The A-D-A-P-T-E-R Method
A Pratical Training Tool To Learn Critical / Creative Thinking, Communication & Execution 
After seeing the research and impact on corporations productivity, I decided to continue the fable and write Book-2 to provide a simple, holistic perspective to learn how to solve problems via critical and creative thinking. This expanded into a practical training tool to Learn The A-D-A-P-T-E-R MethodAnalyze - Deduce - Author - Perform - Tackle - Evaluate - Refine. Tips and tools to undertake the cycle of strategic thinking through execution.

Giving Back
$1 From Every Book Sold Donated To The National Writing Project
Poor writing is a national crisis. To combat this, $1 from ever book sold will be donated to the National Writing Project to continue their important work. The NWP is the nation's largest network of teachers and leaders working to improve teaching of writing and learning in schools and communities. See their approach and proven results at

Years of Expertise
Written by a 45 Year Marketing Veteran
With senior level (VP Marketing/President/Sr. Partner) positions on the client side, agency side and 30+ years of agency ownership, Jim’s methodology has been time tested in the real world. The approach to strategic problem solving, then writing & presenting thousands of documents, recommendations, proposals etc. generated consistent management & client buy-in. It's an extremely successful method to train young executives how to think strategically then develop written & oral presentation skills so management and clients say "yes".

The Learnings
Learn Through A Storybook Format
Get Your Ducks In A Rowe teaches the simple 10 step business communication structured format to think strategically, write persuasively and present a business recommendation to generate buy-in. While initially written to address the business market, these important skills can and should be learned in school. Therefore, see on how to use the book as a pratical training tool teach students from junior high through college how to Think, Write, Present and Persuade any audience in a structured format that is clear, concise and compelling. 

The Value
Structure Your Thinking, Make Your Message Easier to Understand and More Compelling
It will boost your confidence and ability to think on your feet. You will think through problems and solutions to communicate effectively. You will be viewed more favorably by clients, management, associates, and subordinates. Your career will grow faster and higher.

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