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“Tap into our experts to maximize brand growth!”


Jerry Wong
Creative Director

Jerry is a multi-faceted, strategically driven creative director and designer with enriching expertise in a broad array of creative disciplines including; branding, campaign building, digital and graphic design, websites, digital and mobile advertising, product design, motion graphics and social. His industries of expertise spans from top major CPG household brands, luxury hospitality targeting travelers and the B2B community, food and beverage, wellness & health and pharmaceutical. His work expands brand equity by creating memorable user experiences and stories that capture attention and generate an emotional response that drives action. He’s the go-to-resource when you need something amazing, fast and effective with a can-do attitude and desire to do what is right for the client’s brand. He is, therefore, an absolute pleasure to work with for all of us.

JimRoweMarketing_Drew Blumenthal.jpg

Drew Blumenthal
Digital Ad/SEM Director

Results matter! Drew’s SEM efforts had an immediate impact on our client’s business. Not just in terms of clicks and web visits but in driving increased traffic and driving more sales, all while optimizing to an increasingly favorable CPC. This led the client to significantly increase the budget for not just more SEM, but to expand into other forms of digital advertising. He’s a walking digital encyclopedia. Perhaps that’s why he calls himself “Digital Drew”. ‘Passionate about it’ isn’t fully capturing his focus on results. He’s always been ready, willing and immensely able.

JimRoweMarketing_Jordan Kaplowitz.jpg

Jordan Kaplowitz
SEO Director

Jordan and his team are "Results Driven" SEO and Reputation Management experts. They specialize in helping our clients get found online for their respective products and/or services. Services include SEO, Content, Content Creation, Search Strategy, Online Lead Gen, Reputation Management, and Review Response Consulting. Importantly they stay up-to-date on the ever-changing Google Search algorithms. To those of us without the knowledge and skill sets SEO initially sounded like vague practices that would hopefully work. But Jordan and his team have the digital knowledge and tools to demonstrate the increasingly positive results of their work. Simply put he gets you on page one in front of your prospects.

Jordan prides himself on leveraging the constantly changing SEO landscape of Google algorithms to quickly get his clients to page one, position one on the most relevant and effective keywords.

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Erin Downery Cole
Account Director

Erin’s associates and clients trust and rely on her broad capabilities in general account management, advertising, media, social media, production, direct marketing and budgeting / financial control. But most importantly it’s her dedication and can-do demeanor to get things done pleasantly regardless of the deadline and chaos that sometimes occurs in the crazy field that endear her to everyone. Her experience covers a range of categories and brands including:


Virginia R. Barone
Media Director

Virginia is a well known, respected and multiple award-winning Media Director who has worked on some of the largest and most respected agencies, clients, and brands in the world. Her areas of expertise cover Strategic Planning, Integrated Communication Planning, Video/Audio Buying, Print Planning and Buying and Cross-Media Campaign Management. While having built major media departments with large teams from scratch, she’s equally adept at strategy, planning and execution of media plans to drive client brand businesses.

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