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"I started off thinking the books were a little childish and too simplistic, then I realized how brilliant they were."Amazon Review 

"Best & most important book I’ve read. The structured discipline is much more than a communication method, it shapes your thinking, creating clarity in the midst of ambiguity." Amazon Review 

"Such a pleasure to read! informative, compelling, entertaining, and valuable. Provides so much more than just teaching the reader how to write, it teaches them how to think, how to plan, and how to present in business." 
Amazon Review 


How to use Get Your Ducks in a Rowe to
Teach Your Students How to Think, Write, Present & Sell

I wrote Book-1 because recent grads that we had hired were struggling with crafting clear, succinct, persuasive writing – and I found that I wasn't alone.

The 3 separate studies below, produced by the American Association of Colleges & Universities, and Inside Higher Ed, speak to 'The Skills Gap' in today's workforce, where 40–74% of managers are struggling with the in
ability of recent graduates they've hired to problem-solve and write. However, a surprising 66%–80% of these same grads believe they are indeed proficient at these skills.

After seeing the research I decided to continue the fable and write Book-2 to provide a simple, holistic  perspective for learning how to solve problems via critical and creative thinking. This expanded into a practical training tool to Learn The A-D-A-P-T-E-R MethodAnalyze - Deduce - Author - Perform - Tackle - Evaluate - Refine. Tips and tools to undertake the cycle of strategic thinking through execution.

How does  Get Your Ducks in a Rowe help?




How to Get Your Students to Practice The Process
Develop Ideas for Assignments to Solve other Problems that are Relevant to the Student's Grade Level

Reading Book 1 will help them grasp the concept. But to engrain it in their approach to thinking and writing they need to practice it. Therefore, I recommend providing assignments for students to use the process to lay out their case for a range of different scenarios. The process of outlining plans for business are really not different from the plans for accomplishing other things in life be it social, community, educational, religious etc. They are also not always “money” oriented. Either way the process can be applied to each.

Have questions or ideas I can share with other teachers?


  • To have each student individually practice the process of thinking through, writing AND eventually presenting their plans to the class a minimum of 2-3x


  • Utilize a range of scenarios that are relevant to the students so they can put the Get Your Ducks In A Rowe process into a practical application.

The following are just some examples of how students can Get Your Ducks In A Rowe:

  • How to raise money for an organization (eg., scouts, local theater, arts)

  • Getting more students to join a club

  • Organizing a field trip or event

  • Organizing an event to support a cause important to students

  • Creating a plan to land an internship (college students)


To add more interest for the students:

  • Have each student apply the Get Your Ducks in a Rowe process to different scenarios - to be done in 2 stages:

  • One page document:

    • You get to work with the student to refine it and grade it

  • Ten slide presentation to the class that teaches:

    • The importance of distilling words to the bare essentials
    • Leveraging visuals where appropriate to reinforce their POV or stance
    • Public speaking and engaging with an audience
Teacher Bulk Pricing

Shop Get Your Ducks in a Rowe
Level Up Your Students With Their Own Copy Today


First, teach your students the simple, 10-step structured format in Book-1 to:

  • Think strategically

  • Write succinctly

  • Present persuasively

  • Sell consistently

Next, teach them to Learn The A-D-A-P-T-E-R Method's holistic approach to thinking and communication:

  • Critical thinking

  • Problem solving through writing

  • Presenting

  • Successful execution

Teachers / schools can order multiple copies of Get Your Ducks in a Rowe – Book 1 & 2 for your students at bulk pricing rates based upon graduated quantites (NOTE: BULK QUANTITIES CAN TAKE 2-3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY):

1-9.........................$19.99/ea. Shop on Amazon

10 .........................$17.49/ea (See "Purchase with Bulk Pricing" Button On Left Under Books)

Pricing reflects FREE bulk shipment to one (1) location in the continental US. Prices do not include tax.
For shipping to multiple locations/recipients, please Contact Us directly.

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