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Get Your Ducks in a Rowe - BOOK 1 - Bulk Orders

Critical thinking to solve problems and communication, especially writing, are the 2 most important skills managers look for in new hires. However, 3 recent research studies show 40-74% of managers find recent grads lack these two critical skills. Yet, 66%-80% of these same grads perceive they are proficient in both areas. It's called The Skills Gap. The impact is poor communication costs companies ~$400B/yr. Not to mention the impact on people – stress, morale, reputations. Now corporations have to spend $3B/yr. on remedial writing training of new hires.


SOLUTION - A Non-Business Book Approach 

Get Your Ducks In A Rowe  is a Short Story with Big Impact. Inspired by the “FABLE” approach from the hugely successful “Who Moved My Cheese”, Get Your Ducks In A Rowe is a quick, simple story based upon a proven 10-step structured format to better business communication. Based upon 45 years of senior level marketing experience, I wrote it as a practical training tool to help students and execs Think, Write, Present, Sell. I have taught this disciplined approach to scores of recent grads, so they think strategically and communicate clearly and succinctly.  

This isn't just a traditional 200-300 page, boring business book. It's a quick, easy, fun story that provides context to an approach to thinking and writing.

Get Your Ducks in a Rowe - BOOK 1 - Bulk Orders

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