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CEO Brand Growth Tip #6 – Make A Promise You Can Keep

Make A Promise You Can Keep

So, you’ve properly Positioned your brand vs competition and own a niche. Then you crafted the Proposition so it’s crystal clear to the target the benefit(s) they will receive or experience by selecting your brand vs competition. Excellent! That alone is quite an undertaking. So far you have done everything right. The target has noticed you, and intellectually and/or emotionally concluded that your brand meets their needs better than the competition.

They have made the leap of faith to TRUST that you are going to be just what they wanted. Just what you said you were going to deliver. Whether specifically communicated as such or not, you have made them a Promise. It is critical that you keep that promise.

While the Proposition is critical to get your target to buy for the first time, delivering on the proposition, that unspoken promise you made, is what turns a “trier” into a long-term loyal customer.

But do not make a promise you cannot keep. Nothing will ruin a brand reputation faster than not being able to deliver on what you gave a customer as the reason to buy. People are smart. They understand the price/value relationship. They don’t expect top quality with every feature imaginable for a cheap price. They want the best quality with the most important features and benefits to them for a reasonable price.

No need to promise the moon if you can’t deliver it.

To turn a loyal customer into an influencer that recommends your brand, exceed their expectations. They’ll go from happy to a passionate advocate.


BE VIGILANT: During this difficult time with COVID-19 it only takes one misstep, one touch of the face after touching a counter, one breath from an infected friend/co-worker/relative, one unwashed hand and your life can be forever changed, even ended. BE SAFE


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