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CEO Brand Growth Tip 3 - Your P.E.P. Talk

CEO Brand Growth Tip - Your P.E.P. Talk

P.E.P. Talk - A lively spirited explanation of your brand that gets your target interested to try, engage and eventually buy your brand vs. a competitor’s. It is the foundation of how you communicate your brand to your target buyer:

  • It provides guidance (the brief) for all marketing communication that creative and content people turn into pithy memorable words, pictures, video campaigns.

  • It provides the foundation for how the salesforce sells your brand to different constituents.

  • Importantly, it’s also for you. It’s much more than an elevator speech because you’re so excited about it you’ll tell it to anyone who will listen. It becomes infectious. Your team wants to emulate how you describe it. The person you’re telling it to will smile if nothing else than for your passion.

But it takes a lot of analysis and work to get there. Once you have your Vision and you’ve gone through your Reality Check, then it’s time to develop the ingredients of your P.E.P. Talk.

P.E.P. stands for Position, Essence and Proposition.

These help identify the key message points to sell your target to both purchase and engage with your brand:

1. Position – Within the category how would your target view you vs. your competitors on a variety of features and benefits. The goal is to own something, a unique and viable business niche, that no other brand can claim.

2. Essence – 1-3 words that represent what the target takes away from your brand that stays. An intrinsic and invariable nature of a brand or its significant individual feature or benefit. For decades I used the example of “Give me one word to describe what Volvo stands for?” There was almost always some or many in the room who knew it without pause. (I admit as time has gone on it’s been less known with younger executives.) Any guesses? (COMMENT BELOW)

3. Proposition – What is the core message you propose to a target to make them want / yearn to buy your brand? What do you stand for? How are you different, better? Why should someone buy your brand’s product or service vs competition?

Finally, It’s not about you or even your brand. IT’S ABOUT THE TARGET CUSTOMER! What’s in it for them? Sell benefits (to them) over features (of your brand). Why will their life be better? Convince them of that and they could be your customer forever.


BE VIGILANT: During this difficult time with COVID-19 it only takes one misstep, one touch of the face after touching a counter, one breath from an infected friend/co-worker/relative, one unwashed hand and your life can be forever changed, even ended. BE SAFE


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