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For the Recent Grads in Your Life
The Graduation Gift That Will Last a Lifetime

Writing skills are critical, but managers are increasingly concerned about recent graduates and their inability to problem solve and write clearly and persuasively. Don't let your recent grad be among them!

Books 1 & 2 are now available on Amazon!

Kindle: $9.99/ea

Paperback: $14.99/ea

Paperback Bundle: $29.98/both

Check out all of our amazing 5-Star Amazon Reviews!

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Required reading for any college business major or MBA candidate.

Best and most important book I've read!

Wish I had this when I was younger!

Sending this to my college-bound granddaughter.

Not just easy to digest, but super enjoyable.

Surprise treasure map for improved thinking and presentation ideas.

Fun and educational!


Don't Take Thinking and Writing for Granted!

80% of students say they are proficient at problem solving, and communication & writing. But, between 45–75% of managers think they have poor skills in these 2 key areas. This is known as 'The Skills Gap.'

You just spent, or are about to spend, $100k's on a college education. Isn't it worth $15 more and 1 hour of their time to make sure they can think and write properly? This isn't just a traditional 200-300 page, boring business book. It's a quick, easy, fun story that provides context and a simple 10-step approach to thinking and writing they will use their whole lives.

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