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Jim is a proven business owner-operator, team leader, business / marketing strategy and branding expert.

He has the experience, the expertise, and the process to help grow small to mid-sized companies due to a unique background as:

MME: Agency co-founder, 27 years as one of 3 Sr. Partners:

  • An Outsourced CMO: A unique aspect of Jim’s tenure at MME was that he functioned for smaller clients as the outsourced CMO including being member of the Executive Management Team, or he was an integral part of larger clients marketing team, for 10 different companies.

  • This experience led Jim to see the need for the JRM Embedded Marketing Model. More than just a consultant, Jim brings his unique experience as part of your team PLUS a support team of marketing executives and importantly creative talent. This eliminates the need to hire both a marketing team and an ad agency. The JRM Embedded Marketing Model is the most efficient approach to help you grow your company and add value to your business.

Saatchi-HMG Promotion and InterMark Divisions: President

Whitbread NA / Cutty Sark + 10 other brands: VP Marketing

The Coca-Cola Company: Brand Manager of Brand Coke

LoveTheIsland.NET: Recently an e-commerce brand owner


 Business Writing/Communication Author 

The 2-book series helps corporations address poor critical thinking and writing issues hurting productivity

 Having been trained in the classical packaged goods marketing approach to problem solving and structured writing, Jim has trained scores of executives at all levels from young marketers to senior clients who have asked him to write their presentations.

He started noticing writing issues with recent grads in the early 2000’s and since 2015 there has been a growing number of studies and articles on the negative impact it is having on corporate productivity. This has led to a need for corporations establishing training to teach better writing.

Rather than write another boring business book, Jim utilized a “FABLE” based on the hugely successful “Who Moved My Cheese”. The approach is easier to read, retain and replicate so it can be put into practice immediately.

“Get Your Ducks In A Rowe” - Book 1 teaches the simple 10 step business communication formula to think strategically, write persuasively and present a business recommendation to generate buy-in (THINK – WRITE – PRESENT – SELL).

“Get Your Ducks In A Rowe” - Book 2 Learn The A-D-A-P-T-E-R Method explains Jim’s trademarked, holistic approach to strategic business communication starting with critical thinking / problem solving through writing, presenting and successful execution. Target publication date March 2022

  Strategic Marketing & Branding Leader   

Brands Jim Has Worked With

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