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Crafting Brand Growth

Crafting Brand Growth

Brand Growth

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Need Growth?

Hope is not a strategy.
Vince Lombardi

What's your vision? Category trends? You vs. competition? Key targets? Your message? Is it unique? Compelling? Is it clear on your website? Social? Sales tools? You need to know these in order to start.

Lack Resources?

The only source of knowledge is experience.
Albert Einstein

Get an as-needed senior strategic marketer on your team with tactical, creative and digital support to deliver all your marketing needs for a fraction of the traditional in-house personnel + agency cost structure.

Not Sure How?

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.
Leonardo Da Vinci

Brand Growth—the holy grail of marketing. It doesn't just happen. It's a craft, with a unique mix of expert training, years of experience and a proven, finely tuned process. It works. See our testimonials.


If you are looking for growth, you need a plan.

This is best done with the help and guidance of the marketing function with both experienced senior strategists, creative resources to craft the optimal message and a disciplined, proven approach.

Large corporations use the Traditional Marketing Model. It’s very expensive and often ineffective when small and medium sized companies try to employ it.

We believe, that if you’re a small to medium sized company,
the JRM Embedded Marketing Model utilizing the JRM Brand Growth Workshop is the most efficient and effective way to go.


The Traditional Model

Large corporations with significant resources employ the traditional marketing model.

They build a marketing department with seasoned executives and younger support staff to both execute and grow into senior roles. They have different groups within the marketing department for disciplines such as Research, Media etc. Then they hire one or more agencies to handle creative / media functions such as brand development, advertising, public relations and now the plethora of social media platforms. 

Given the amount of major brands this model is very effective…for big corporations with deep pockets.

The problem is that for most smaller companies this is a very expensive proposition.

First you hire a senior marketer for strategy. Then they’ll want / need tactical staff resulting in $100’s of thousands in HR costs. Then you need an agency for creative, media, digital, PR etc. for additional $100’s of thousands in fees.

Therefore, smaller companies default to not spending the money.


JRM Embedded Model

There was a need for an alternate approach.

Having worked with numerous small and medium sized companies who didn’t have a marketing function, it became obvious that there was a void for a marketing and creative resource that could help them grow on a cost effective basis relative to the traditional marketing model.

The JRM “Embedded” Marketing Model provides smaller companies a unique effective resource to complement your team.

While not full time, we become part of your senior team. We learn your business and help evaluate your key issues and opportunities to improve your competitive market position. Through our Brand Growth Workshop we work with your team to gain market and customer insights into your current message and help craft a stronger more compelling one. We then pull it all together into a plan and execute it through all the relevant communication materials, media and platforms; website, sales materials, social media, advertising, packaging, public relations etc.

By embedding a senior JRM strategist into your team, with the ability to also bring the other marketing / creative / digital resources to you on an as needed basis, makes the cost a fraction of the Traditional Marketing Model.


The Brand Growth Workshop

Finally, and importantly, we have so much experience doing this we have created a step by step approach that has worked time and again. Just see our testimonials.